Everyone has been told at least once to look at the label of ingredients of the food we eat. Most package foods have at least 10 ingredients and some of those at the end can not be pronounced unless you happen to be a food chemist.

At Birmingham Breadworks, our ingredients are simple, natural, and easily recognized. Most of our breads just use three: Flour, Water, and Salt. That’s it. Nothing else.

Even the baked goodies that have more components include things like natural sugar or butter or blueberries or apples. We don’t add things that make the bread last longer. We don’t add things that make the bread a different color or stand taller. We just rely on tried and true, traditional methods to make our bread and pastries the best they can be. Sure it takes a little more work, effort, and time but we think its worth it.

We think they are pretty special. We hope you will too.

Come see what delicious and natural really taste like. Come try our bread.

See you soon!

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