About us

Little Introduction

Located at 2408 7th Avenue South, Birmingham 35233 in the heart of historic Southside, Birmingham Breadworks will be Birmingham’s choice for finely crafted bread. Our passion is for making delicious bread that will make any occasion special. We think our bread is pretty good, but don’t take our word for it,

MEET: Brooks Taylor Owner & Baker

First bread memory? My mother used to make Sally Lunn bread for special holidays. It filled the house with the smell of bread and it tasted so good at dinner. It was always a special treat for me.

First experience making bread? My wife, Pilar and I wanted to make french bread because we had tasted such good bread during our travels. Our first attempt was not a disaster but left lots of room for improvement. I learned it was going to be slow process.

Favorites? So many breads, so little time.

Baker heroes? Chad Robertson has a pretty good gig. His recipes are really good and people really like his bakery. The author, William Alexander, who wrote 52 Loaves, is someone with whom I can identify. His willingness to do what it takes to find the perfect loaf of bread is unbelievable. He also knows how to keep his quest in the proper perspective and that is how I try to live my life; with balance.

Bread disasters? I tried to make a wild yeast starter using rye flour and then turn it into a whole wheat bread. How do you say ‘brick’ in French?

Why you want to make bread? There is nothing better than sharing a great loaf of bread at the dinner table. If you can’t buy it, you have to make it yourself.

One thing you love about Birmingham? Birmingham will NOT give up.

What are your hopes for the bakery? I want to create a business that draws the community together. Not only do I want lots of local customers but I want people to see that you can change careers, start a new business, a really make difference in your neighborhood and city. I want Birmingham Breadworks to do that.

If you were a kind of bread which would you be? That’s easy. I would be a baguette. Tall and skinny; crusty on the outside and soft on the inside.